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Katharina Fietz

Katharina Fietz

PhD Student

I am a biologist with a background in ecology and biodiversity with a special focus on the marine environment. I was trained at the University of Hamburg, James Cook University, and Universidad San Fransisco de Quito, all of which contributed to forming my broad interest in how anthropogenic impact and climate change are affecting the distribution and abundance of species. In particular, I am curious about the drivers of population connectivity patterns in the marine realm, and in how we can use such knowledge to implement sustainable management measures and advance conservation efforts.

I currently hold a sandwich PhD position at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Tom Gilbert's group, and at the University of Groningen in the Palsbøll group for Marine Evolution and Conservation. The goal of my thesis is to investigate the distribution patterns and adaptive potential of marine keystone organisms – namely grey seals, humpback whales, and sand lances – using genetic and genomic techniques to aid management.

ID: 118970991