Former staff – University of Copenhagen

Visitors and former students with the Orlando Research Group

Our lab has hosted 21 international MSc-students, PhD-students, post-doctoral researchers and lecturers.

Sanne Boessenkool (visiting scientist from University of Oslo). April-July 2016.

Bastiaan Star (visiting scientist from University of Oslo). April-July 2016.

Christian McCrory Constantz (MSc student). June 2015-September 2016. Ancient horse genomics.

Cristina Gamba (postdoc). April 2014-March 2016. Paleogenomics.

Hakon Jonsonn (PhD-student). June 2012-September 2015. Ancient population genomics.

Gilles Guyot (visiting Associate Professor from the Danish Technical University, Lyngby). August 2013-August 2015. Population Genomics and Statistical Methods.

Guillaume Louvel (MSc-student). February 2014-June 2014 and March 2015-July 2015. Ancient epigenomics and metagenomics.

Luca Ermini (postdoc). September 2012 - March 2015. Bacterial evolution.

Aurelien Ginolhac (postdoc). August 2010-September 2014. Bioinformatics & Horse evolutionary genomics.

Antoine Fages (MSc student). April-July 2014. Horse genomics.

Dr. Ruth Garcia-Fernandez. Spain. Post-doctoral researcher. October 2011-March 2014. Seascape genetics.

Julia Vilstrup (PhD-student). From August 2010 - September 2013. Post-mortem DNA decay. Phylogenomics

Ines Levade (ERAMUS MSc-student). March 2013-July 2013. Horse conservation genomics.

Elisabeth Schrøder, Denmark. September 2011-January 2013. Population genomics.

Amhed Missael Vargas Velasquez (MSc-student). June 2011-September 2012. The Bioinformatic side of Paleogenomics.

Nina Marchi, France. February 2012-June 2012. New in-silico and molecular methods for characterizing ancient genomes.

Alexander Huebner, Germany. June 2011-September 2011. Ancient DNA capture methods.  

Vibha Raghavan, Canada. February 2011-June 2011. Mini-barcode taxonomic assignment.

Corrie Madsen, Denmark. June 2010-September 2011. Conservation genetics.

Maud Fagny, France. September 2010 - January 2011. Mini-barcode taxonomic assignment.

Gianella Garcia-Hughes, Mexico. May 2010 - August 2010. DNA damage.

(Last updated 25.11.2016)