About LEMAR – University of Copenhagen

LEMAR (http://www-iuem.univ-brest.fr/LEMAR) is an interdisciplinary laboratory, using a wide diversity of approaches including physical modeling, biogeochemistry, ecology, ecophysiology (and paleoecophysiology based on sclerochronology and sclerochemistry), microbiology and genomics, all tied together by their prime interest in understanding the evolution of marine ecosystems and the adaptation potential of marine bivalve mollusks to environmental change. Partners at LEMAR will contribute with their expertise in the calcification of mollusc shells and their long-term experience characterizing the mechanisms underlying Vibrio-clam interactions and the mollusc adaptive response to a wide range of environmental stresses. They will also be essential in identifying, calibrating and measuring geochemical proxies to reconstruct temporal series of environmental changes from mollusc shells.