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ArcheoSHELL - mollusc shells as new genetic archives from the past

ArcheoSHELL is undertaking the first large-scale ancient DNA analysis of mollusc shells to reveal the evolutionary responses of mollusc populations and marine microbial communities in the face of major climatic changes and bacterial infections.

The project will be running for 3 years, from September 2014 to August 2017. It involves a multi-disciplinary team of 8 International researchers from Denmark, France, Iceland and the UK, bringing together their expertise in ancient and modern genomics, ecology of coastal marine ecosystems, mollusc-pathogen interactions, adaptation to environmental stresses, chronological and paleo-environmental proxies derived from the shell archive, mollusc shell cross-dating, and stable isotope analyses.

ArcheoSHELL will enable reconstructing paleo-environments and open new avenues for evolutionary genomics.

ArcheoSHELL (grant agreement #4002-00152) is an International project funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research / Natural Sciences.


        Mollusc shells represent fantastic environmental archives providing invaluable information about life history traits of coastal marine organisms. By looking at...

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        ArcheoSHELL is a multidisciplinary project, involving international research partners from four European countries (Denmark, France, Iceland and Wales). It builds on...

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        21st-23rd November 2014: Kick-off meeting. Hosted by the Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen. The first international meeting for the...