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Background information: Ludovic OrlandoTil toppen

Ludovic Orlando is a former student from the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon (ENS, 1996-2000), one of the top-5 French universities. First trained as a molecular biologist, he got more recently interested in computational biology and programming.

He received his PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Lyon, France in 2003, almost twenty years after the first ancient DNA molecule was ever sequenced. Trained in phylogenomics as a postdoc (CNRS EA 3781), he was rapidly appointed as a permanent Associate Professor at the prestigious ENS Lyon, where he taught and performed research between 2005 and 2010. He moved to the Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, in April 2010 to start his own research group. He was appointed as a full Professor in Molecular Archaeology in March 2016 and started in December 2016 a five year, ERC-funded project on horse evolution.

His group develops integrative approaches in ancient DNA research, promoting the field of palaeomics by the merger of biochemistry, molecular biology, genomics and computational biology.

Ludovic has been part of several organizing and scientific boards of international meetings, including the prestigious international meeting for the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, the International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology and the International Union for Quaternary Research. He has been acting as an Academic Editor for the journal PLoS One since January 2012, for Scientific Reports since September 2016, and for Peer J since April 2017.

He is one of the four Editors-in-Chief for the journal 'Science and Technology of Archeological Research'. He was expert member of the committee of the French National Research Agency (ANR, panel SVSE7 for Biodiversity, Evolution, Ecology and Agronomy) in 2012 and 2013, and an expert member of the Junior Committee of the ‘Institut Universitaire de France’ in 2015 and 2016.

ContactTil toppen

Dr. Ludovic Orlando, Professor.
Ph: +45 353 21 231
Skype: lorlando1369
Researcher ID: A-8932-2013
Orcid ID:

Upcoming eventsTil toppen

July 16th 2017. An ancient genomic perspective on the horse domestication process. In: International Society for Animal Genetics Conference. Dublin, Ireland.

May 19th 2017. Reconstructing ancient environmental and microbial communities. In:
CNRS Environmental DNA workshop. Lautaret, France.

May 17th 2017. The Genomic History of Horse Domestication: In: Young
Researchers in Life Sciences Conference. Paris, France.

Invited seminars Til toppen

March 10th 2017. The Genomic History of Horse Domestication. In: Illumina Nordic User Group Meeting. Stockholm, Sweden.

December 17th 2016. An ancient DNA perspective on horse domestication and horsebreeding. Ferrara, Italy.

December 17th 2016. Methods for reconstructing ancient epigenomes and microbiomes. Ferrara, Italy.

November 30th 2016. How early nomad riders shaped the modern horse. Videnskabgalla, Copenhagen, Denmark.

November 16th 2016. Traveling the past in ancient DNA time capsules. Vienna, Austria.

October 13th 2016. Reconstructing whole genomes, epigenomes and microbiota from ultra-short ancient DNA fragments. ENS Paris, France.

October 6th 2016. Ancient DNA in the bid data era. Reykjavik, Iceland.

October 3rd 2016. Reconstructing whole genomes, epigenomes and microbiota from ultra-short ancient DNA fragments. Reykjavik, Iceland.

September 20th 2016. Ancient DNA 2.0: from short molecules to genomes and ecosystems. ENS Lyon, France.

June 1st 2016. Ancient DNA. Univ. Lausanne, Switzerland.

May 29th 2016. Spring School in Bioinformatics and Population Genomics. Leukerbad, Switzerland.

May 23rd 2016. Reconstructing the domestication of horses, the noblest conquest of mankind. Melbourne, Australia.

May 10-14th 2016. Co-chair Evolutionary and Non-human Genomics. The Biology of Genome 2016. Cold Spring Harbor, US.

May 9th 2016. Traveling the past in ancient DNA time capsules. Baker Institute, Cornell University, US

April 29th 2016. Reconstructing whole genomes, epigenomes and microbiota from ultrashort ancient DNA fragments. Warwick, UK.

April 7th 2016. Tracking evolutionary changes with ancient DNA time capsules, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France.

2006-2016: The paleogenomic revolution, National Natural History Museum, Paris, France.

March 17th 2016. Computational approaches in ancient Genomics and Metagenomics, Jena, Germany.

March 5th 2016. Tracking recent changes in the genomes, epigenomes and microbiota. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

February 12th 2016. Darwin Day at the Centre for Ecological and Evolution Synthesis. Oslo, Norway.

February 1st 2016. Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic.

November 6th 2015. The origins of domestic horses: a tale from DNA. In: Horse breeds and morphotypes: a multidisciplinary approach based on zootechnical, historical, litterary, environmental and genetic data. Nice, France (Zoomathia group).

October 27th 2015. Keynote speaker. Environmental Genomics Workshop. Montpellier, France.

October 14th 2015. The genetic foundation of the modern horse: a tale from ancient DNA. Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory. Tuebingen, Germany.

October 11th 2015. Deciphering the domestication and genetic makeup of the modern horse, the noblest conquest of man. King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

October 2nd 2015: PS. Travelling the past in ancient DNA time capsules, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France.

September 28th 2015-October 1st. Plenary speaker. 10th International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife. Conservation Genetics session.

July 12-16th 2015. Keynote speaker. SMBE meeting, session "Ancient  genomes: a time machine for investigating natural selection". Vienna, Austria.

June 2015. Keynote speaker. Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology. Ancient DNA: from very old molecules to genomes and epigenomes. Workshop, Porquerolles, France.

May 17-20 2015. Studying human evolution from ancient DNA. Jerusalem, Israel.

May 7th 2015. Talk: Reconstructing ancient genomes, epigenomes and metagenomes: hunting for the molecular past. National University of Mongolia, Department of Ecology.

April 29th, 2015, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science Research Seminar Series. Dublin, Ireland.

February 9th, 2015. Molecular paleontology: hunting for the molecular past. Lyon, France.

January 11th 2015. International Plant and Animal Genome XXIII. Ancient DNA::
from genomes to epigenomes. San Diego, USA.

January 10th 2015. International Plant and Animal Genome XXIII. Prehistoric
genomes reveal the genetic foundation and cost of horse domestication. San
Diego, USA.

January 8th 2015. Illuminating the last 4 million years of equine evolution. Louisville, USA.

January 6th 2015. Ancient genomes, proteomes and epigenomes unlock our evolutionary past. Lexington, USA.

September 23rd, 2014. Speciation, Adaptation and Domestication: An Evolutionary Genomics History of the Equine Lineage. Biologie Intégrative et de Génomique Equine, INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France.

September 10th-12th, 2014. Ancient DNA: from small DNA pieces to very old genomes and epigenomes. In: Next-Generation Genomics Symposium. Helsinki, Finland.

August 26th, 2014. The genomics of equine speciation and domestication. Basel, Switzerland. In: ISBA6 conference.

April 24th 2014. Evolutionary genomics: a tale from really ancient proteomes, genomes and epigenomes. Geneva, Switzerland.

March 27th 2014. 6th ICAZ Archaeozoology Genetics and Morphometrics Working Group Meeting. Lisbon Portugal.

March 6th, 2014. Middle-Pleistocen-omics: towards really old genomes, proteomes and epigenomes. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

February 13th, 2014. Evolutionary genomics of living and extinct equis. Basel, Switzerland.

January 11th, 2014. Speciation, adaptation and domestication: an evolutionary genomics history of the equine lineage. San Diego, US.

Workshop: December 9th-13th, 2013. Introduction to the bioinformatics of NGS. Toulouse, France.

Conference: November 18-19 2013. Ancient DNA: the first three decades. The Royal Society, London, UK.

Workshop: November 11-15 2013. Adelaide Bioinformatics Workshop. Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Adelaide, Australia.

Conference: October 17th 2013. RECOMB satellite meeting on Comparative Genomics. Lyon, France.

Conference: September 17th-20th 2013. Ancient DNA perspectives on past climatic changes. Sevilla, Spain.

Conference: July 10-13th 2013. 10th Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation International Equine Genome Workshop. Horse evolutionary genomics: insights from ancient genomes. Azorres, Portugal. 

Conference: July 7th 2013. FEBS 2013. Sequencing ancient and really ancient genomes illuminates horse evolution. St Petersburg, Russian federation.

Press conference: June 25th 2013. World Conference of Science Journalists. Helsinki, Finland.

March 15th 2013. Horse evolutionary genomics: insights from modern, ancient and really ancient genomes. Trinity College, Smurfit Institute, Dublin, Ireland.

January 13th 2013. Ancient DNA: from molecules to genomes. San Diego, USA.

January 2013. The evolutionary genomics of pre-domesticated horses. San Diego, USA.

December 18th 2012. The evolutionary genomics of pre-domesticated horses. Uppsala, Sweden.

December 10th 2012. The genomics of ancient humans: revisiting our origins and dispersals. Paris, France.

November 23th 2012. From the wild to domestication: horse evolutionary genomics. 3rd International Scientific Conference “Post-Genome Methods of Analysis in Biology and Laboratory and Clinical Medicine”, University of Kazan, Russian Federation.

November 22th 2012. Cracking genomes from fossils. Moscow, Russia.

November 7th 2012. The last million years of horse evolution. Adelaide, Australia.

October 24th 2012. The future of ancient DNA. Avignon, France.

October 22nd 2012. From the wild to domestication: horse evolutionary genomics. Lyon, France

September 28th 2012. From the wild to domestication: comparative genomics of ancient and modern horses reveals specific demographic, admixture and selective signatures. Biodiversity Institute Symposium, Oxford.

September 25th 2012. Genome archaeaologists: the molecular life science of pre-domesticated horse genomes. in Horizon in Molecular Life Science. Oslo, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Norway.

June 4th 2012. Ancient DNA: from molecules to genomes and population dynamics. Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia. Lisbonn, Portugal.

May 7th 2012. Ancient DNA in the next-next generation sequencing era. Copenhagen, Denmark.

March 22nd 2012. Horse paleogenomics: From fossils to genomes. Firenze, Italy.

January 14th 2012. International Plant and Animal Genome XX. Ancient horse genomics. San Diego, USA.

December 6th 2011. Ancient DNA. Panum Institute (Population studies and Bio-banks course), Copenhagen, Denmark.

November 9th 2011. Symposium for Biotech Research. Ancient genomes in the next-next generation sequencing era - the case of horse domestication. Copenhagen, Denmark.

October 17th-19th 2011. CNRS RTP Paleogenomics summer school. Serial coalescent: basics, methods and power; Third gen- sequencing of ancient DNA templates: what is different from 2nd gen?; BWA mapping: evaluating different strategies for 2nd and 2rd gen sequencing. Cargese, France.

November 4th 2011. Think Alternative: fossils as unconventional sources of genomic data. Vienna, Austria.

July 28th 2011. True single molecule sequencing of ancient genomes. SMBE meeting, Kyoto, Japan.

Ancient DNA datasets and methods. INQUA congress, 21-27 July 2011, Bern, Switzerland 

July 25th 2011. Palaeogenomics and true single molecule sequencing. INQUA meeting, Bern, Switzerland.

May 24th 2011. TBA. European Research Council, Brussels

April 18th 2011. Ancient DNA genomics. Washington DC, National Museum of Natural History. Next Generation Sequencing: Transformative Technology for Biodiversity Science. Host: Pr. Robert Fleischer (download program in pdf)

February 9th 2011. Ancient DNA: telling something new about the past. Aarhus University, Bioinformatics Research Centre. Host: Dr. Thomas Bataillon

December 8th 2010. Ancient DNA: from molecules to genomes and populations. Paris, Institut Pasteur. Host: Dr. Lluis Quintana-Murci

December 7th 2010. The 1001 genomes and human evolution: a tale from ancient DNA. Paris, Institut Pasteur. Host: Dr. Odile Oziez-Kalogeropoulos.

October, 2010. Profiling ancient DNA damage using true Single DNA molecule Sequencing. Shenzen, China.

9th October 2010. Ancient DNA: from damage characterization to repair. International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology, Copenhagen, Denmark

8th December 2009. Taxonomic and population inference: what differences it makes to get ancient DNA data. University of Uppsala, Sweden.

22-23. October 2009. Is Homo sapiens just a Neanderthal guy? Insights from ancient DNA. Darwin’s legacy, new insights into human evolution, Institut Jacques Monod, Paris, France

14-16the September 2009. Inferring the past history of populations in the paleogenomic era. International meeting of the CNRS Research Network in paleogenetics, Paris, France

02nd July 2007. Geographic Distribution of an Extinct Equid (E. hydruntinus, Mammalia, Equidae) Revealed by Morphological and Genetical Analysis of Fossils. 8th meeting of Archeology of South Eastern Asia, Maison de l’Orient, Lyon, France


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