Former members of the Gilbert Groups – University of Copenhagen

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Angela Ribeiro (2015-2017), now in Portugal

Ricardo Pereira (2015-2017), now faculty in Munich

Faezah Salleh (2015-2017), now faculty at UT Malaysia

Nathan Wales (2013-2016), now researcher in Toulouse

Morten Tange Olsen (204-2016), now marine mammal curator at Natural History Museum of Denmark

Rosalia Pineiro (2013-2015), now postdoc at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Peter Njoroge (2013-2105), now Curator of Ornithology at National Museums of Kenya

Enrico Cappellini (2009-2013), now Associate Professor at Natural History Museum of Denmark

Maria Avila-Arcos (2010-2013), now faculty at UNAM Querataro

Paula Campos (2009-2011), now Assistant professor at Natural History Museum of Denmark

Andrew D. Foote (2010-2013), now research fellow in Bangor

Rute R. da Fonseca (2010-2014), now group leader at Biology Institute, KU

Hannes Schroeder (2009-2014),  now Assistant professor at Natural History Museum of Denmark

Temi Odumosu (2012-2014), now postdoc at Malmø

Mike Martin (2011-2014), now at UC Berkeley

Ross Barnett (2012-2014) 


Katharina Fietz (PhD-student), sand lance population genomics

Inge Lundstrøm (PhD-student), human evolution

Alice Evans (PhD-student), eDNA

Jessica Thomas (PhD-student), extinct birds

Lisandra Zepeda (PhD-student), bat genomics

Inger Winkelmann (PhD-student), marine population genomics

Rasmus Havmøller (PhD-student), leopard ecology and evolution

Qiye Li (PhD-student), epigenomics

Christian Carøe (associated PhD student from DTU), wine metagenomics

José Alfredo Samaniego (PhD-student), reconstruction of extinct genomes

Ida Bærholm Schnell (PhD-student), surveillance of rare mammals using novel sources of DNA

Kristine Bohmann (2012-2015), metabarcoding of bat diet

Marcela Sandoval Velasco (2012-2015), Genetics of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

Li Cai (2012-2015), Avian comparative genomics

Luise Brandt (2011-2014), genetics of ancient Danish sheep

Christian Bruhn (2010-2014), Viral evolution

Alonzo Alfaro-Nunez (2010-2014), turtle viruses

Marie-Louise Kampmann (2010-2013). Postdoc with Andreas Wilting, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife, Berlin.

Sandra Abel Nielsen (2009 - 2013). Coxsackie B viruses. Evolution and diseases. Virus discovery

Sarah Fordyce (2009 - 2012). Postdoc in Dept. Forensic Genetics, KU

Paula Campos (2005-2009)

Maria Avila-Arcos (2010-2013). Palaeogenomics

MSc Thesis Projects

Kristian Greisen (MSc-student), eDNA from water bodies

Martin Nielsen (MSc-student), eDNA from insect soups

Andrea Holm (MSc-student), ant wineomics

Christian Olaf Rye Hintze (MSc-student), sand-eel taxonomy

Maiken Hemme (MSc-student), drinking horn genetics

Fatima Sanchez Barreiro (MSc-student), historical demography of common ragweed

Andrea-Pil Holm (MSc-student), vine metagenomics

Doug Richmond (MSc-student), Christmas Island rat genomics

Anna-Kathrine Runge (2013-2014)

Vincent Biard (2013-2014)

Stine Richter (2013-2014)

Sebastian Schultze (2012-2013)

Christian Carøe (2012-2013), now PhD co-supervised with Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten at DTU

Rasmus Gren Havmøller. Genetic structure of bottlenose whales. Commencing PhD in 2013.

Mikkel Sinding. The effect of industrial whaling on bowhead whales in the N. Atlantic

Julie Jensen (2011 - 2012). Employed at NOVO.

Maia Olsen (2008-2009)

Camilla Bengtssen (2008-2009)

Sandra Nielsen (2008-2009), now PhD in group

Julia Vilstrup (2008-2009), now PhD with Ludovic Orlando

Nienke Van Doorn (Bradford, 2009), now PhD with Prof Matthew Collins, University of York

Sarah Fordyce (Oxford, 2009)

Kenneth Andersen (2009-2010), now PhD with Kurt Kjær

Kristine Bohmann (2009-2010), now PhD in group

Christian Bruhn (2009-2010), now PhD in group

Magnus Jacobsen (2010-2011), now PhD with Michael Møller Hansen, Aarhus

Ida Schnell (2010-2011), now PhD in group

Jakob Fredricksen (2010-2011)

Inger Winkelmann (2010-2011). Now PhD in group.

Isabel Højgaard Rasmussen (2013-2014)

Mandy Pittman (2013-2014)

George Pacheco (2013-2014), now PhD in group

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