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Sample preparation in Centre for GeoGenetics' cleanlab dedicated to ancient DNA analyses.

Sample preparation in the Section for GeoGenetics' cleanlab dedicated to ancient DNA analyses.

Research groups

  • The Willerslev Group

    From evolutionary biology to the discovery of new pathogens. Our data are obtained using both modern and ancient nucleic...

  • The Orlando Group

    How much major palaeo-environmental changes have shaped the geographic structure ...

  • The Gilbert Group

    The interests of the group are wide, although all have an underlying thread of evolutionary biology and genomics.

  • The Anthropocene-Quaternary Group

    Our group spans classical quaternary themes such as glacial geology, stratigraphy, and collections...

  • Genetic Identification and Discovery (GID)

    From cancer virus to species identification of animal samples...

  • The Admin Team

    Accounting, hiring, appointments, The Big Overview, keeping calendars, news, odds & ends...