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Publications 2017

Bendtsen J, Mortensen J, Lennert K, Ehn JK, Boone W, Galindo V, Hu Y, Dmitrenko IA, Kirillov SA, Kjeldsen KK, Kristoffersen Y, Barber DG & Rysgaard S. Sea ice breakup and marine melt of a retreating tidewater outlet glacier in northeast Greenland (81°N). Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 4941 (2017). doi:10.1038/s41598-017-05089-3

Bush A, Sollmann R, Wilting A, Bohmann K, Cole B, Balzter H, Martius C, Zlinszky A, Calvignac-Spencer S, Cobbold CA, Dawson TP, Emerson BC, Ferrier S, Gilbert MTP, Herold M, Jones L, Leendertz FH, Matthews L, Millington JDA, Olson JR, Ovaskainen O, Raffaelli D, Reeve R, Rödel M-O, Rodgers TW, Snape S, Visseren-Hamakers I, Vogler AP, White PCL, Wooster MJ and Yu D. (2017). Connecting Earth Observation to High-Throughput Biodiversity Data. Nature Ecology & Evolution. ISSN 2397-334X (In press)

Jensen JF, Andreasen C, Fleischer-Lyberth P, Løgstrup L, Holt Poulsen H, Ólafson OR, Løventoft-Jessen A-C, Barr S, Meldgaard M. Nomination of Aasivissuit - Nipisat, Inuit hunting ground between Ice and Sea, for inclusion on the world heritage list. pp.192. https://snm.ku.dk/SNMnyheder/alle_nyheder/2017/2017.1/levende-groenlandsk-kulturlandskab-nomineret-til-verdensarv/Aasivissuit-Nipisat_web.pdf.

Jensen JF and Grønnow B: 3.2 Qajaa revisited: Integrating technology studies and spatial analysis in archaeology. In: Sørensen M and Pedersen KB: Problems in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic research, Arkæologiske Studier, vol. 12. Pp. 189-204. https://www.academicbooks.dk/search/apachesolr_search/9788789500270

Kampmann M-L, Schnell IB, Jensen RH, Axtner J, Sander AF, Hansen AJ, Bertelsen MF, Greenwood AD, Gilbert MTP, Wilting A. Leeches as a source of mammalian viral DNA and RNA—a study in medicinal leeches. European Journal of Wildlife Research. Short Communication. April 2017, 63:36. DOI: 10.1007/s10344-017-1093-6

Kristiansen K, Allentoft ME, Frei KM, Iversen R, Johannsen NN, Kroonen G, Pospieszny L, Price TD, Rasmussen S, Sjögren K-G, Sikora M and Willerslev E. Re-theorising mobility and the formation of culture and language among the Corded Ware Culture in Europe. Antiquity,  Vol. 91, Issue 356, April 2017, pp. 334-347. (OA)(PR)

Larsen NK, Strunk A, Levy LB, Olsen J, Bjørk AA, Lauridsen TL, Jeppesen E, Davidson TA. Strong altitudinal control on local glacier response to Holocene climate change in southwest Greenland. Quaternary Science Reviews. 168 p.69-78. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.quascirev.2017.05.008

Larson WA, Limborg MT, McKinney GJ, Schindler DE, Seeb JE, Seeb LW (2017). Genomic islands of divergence linked to ecotypic variation in sockeye salmon. Molecular Ecology 26: 554–570. doi: 10.1111/mec.13933. (PR)

Librado P, Cristina G, Gaunitz C, Der Sarkissian C, PruvostM, Albrechtsen A, Fages A, Khan N, Schubert M, Jagannathan V, Serres-Armero A, Kuderna LFK, Povolotskaya IS, Seguin-Orlando A, Lepetz S, Neuditschko M, Thèves C, Alquraishi S, Alfarhan AH, Al-Rasheid K, Rieder S, Samashev Z, Francfort H-P, Benecke N, Hofreiter M, Ludwig A, Keyser C, Marques-Bonet T, Ludes B, Crubézy E, Leeb T, Willerslev E, Orlando L. Ancient genomic changes associated with domestication of the horse. Science 28 Apr 2017:
Vol. 356, Issue 6336, pp. 442-445. DOI: 10.1126/science.aam5298 (OA, PR)

Marcer MPA, Stentoft E, Bjerre E, Cimoli E, Bjørk AA, Stenseng L and Maguth H. Three Decades of Volume Change of a Small Greenlandic Glacier Using Ground Penetrating Radar, Structure from Motion and Aerial Photogrammetry. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (in print).

Mollerup S, Fridholm H, Vinner L, Kjartansdóttir K, Friis-Nielsen J, Asplund M, et al. Cutavirus in Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma. Emerg Infect Dis. 2017;23(2):363-365. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/23/2/16-1564_article

Morard R, Lejzerowicz F, Darling KF, Lecroq-Bennet B, Pedersen MW, Orlando L, Pawlowski J, Mulitza S, de Vargas C and Kucera M. 2017. Plankton-derived environmental DNA extracted from abyssal sediments preserves patterns of plankton macroecology. Biogeosciences, bg-2016-486. http://www.biogeosciences-discuss.net/bg-2016-486/

Motyka RJ, Cassotto R, Truffer M, Kjeldsen KK, van As D, Korsgaard NJ, Fahnestock M, Howat I, Langen PL, Mortensen J, Lennert K, Rysgaard S. Asynchronous behavior of outlet glaciers feeding Godthåbsfjord (Nuup Kangerlua) and the triggering of Narsap Sermia's retreat in SW Greenland. In: Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 63, No. 238, 04.2017, p. 288-308.

Nielsen R, Akey JM, Jakobsson M, Pritchard JK, Tishkoff S, Willerslev E. Tracing the peopling of the world through genomics. Nature 541, 302–310 (19 January 2017). doi:10.1038/nature21347. (PR)

Parducci L, Bennett KD, Ficetola GF, Greve Alsos I, Suyama Y, Wood JR and Pedersen MW. 2017. Ancient plant DNA in lake sediments. The New phytologist, 214(3), pp.924–942. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/nph.14470/full

Pereira RJ, Sasaki MC, Burton RS. Adaptation to a latitudinal thermal gradient within a widespread copepod species: the contributions of genetic divergence and phenotypic plasticity. Published 26 April 2017.DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2017.0236. http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/284/1853/20170236

Sawafuji R, Cappellini E, Nagaoka T, Fotakis AK, Jersie-Christensen RR, Olsen JV, Hirata K, Ueda S. 2017. Proteomic profiling of archaeological human bone. R. Soc. open sci. 4: 161004. http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rsos.161004

Schaefer RJ, Schubert M, Bailey E, Bannasch DL, Barrey E, Bar-Gal GK, Brem G, Brooks SA, Distl O, Fries R, Finno CJ, Gerber V, Haase B, Jagannathan V, Kalbfleisch T, Leeb T, Lindgren G, Lopes MS, Mach N, da Câmara Machado A, MacLeod JN, McCoy A, Metzger J, Penedo C, Polani S, Rieder S, Tammen I, Tetens J, Thaller G, Verini-Supplizi A, Wade CM, Wallner B, Orlando L, Mickelson JR and McCue ME: Developing a 670k genotyping array to tag ~2M SNPs across 24 horse breeds. BMC Genomics 201718:565, 2017. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12864-017-3943-8

Schubert M, Mashkour M, Gaunitz C, Fagesa A, Seguin-Orlandoa A, Sheikhi S, Alfarhan AH, Alquraishi SA, Al-Rasheid KAS,  Chuang R, Ermini L, Gamba C, Weinstock J, Vedat O, Orlando L. Zonkey: A simple, accurate and sensitive pipeline to genetically identify equine F1-hybrids in archaeological assemblages. Journal of Archaeological Science. Volume 78, February 2017, Pages 147–157. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2016.12.005. (PR, CO)

Sigsgaard EE, Nielsen IB, Carl H, Krag MA, Knudsen SW, Xing Y, Holm‑Hansen TH, Møller PR, Thomsen PF. Seawater environmental DNA reflects seasonality of a coastal fish community. Marine Biology, (2017) 164:128. DOI 10.1007/s00227-017-3147-4

Ullah I, Olofsson JK, Margaryan A, Ilardo M, Ahmad H, Sikora M, Hansen AJ, Nadeem MS, Fazal N, Ali M, Buchard A, Hemphill BE, Willerslev E and Allentoft ME. High Y-chromosomal Differentiation Among Ethnic Groups of Dir and Swat Districts, Pakistan. Annals of Human Genetics (2017), 1–15

Publications 2016

Aizpurua O, Alberdi A, Aihartza J, Garin I (2016). Fishing Technique of Long-Fingered Bats Was Developed from a Primary Reaction to Disappearing Target Stimuli. PLoS ONE 11(12): e0167164. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0167164. (PR, OA)

Alberdi, O Aizpurua, J Aihartza, I Garin (2016). Ecology, biogeography and evolutionary history of the alpine long-eared bat Plecotus macrobullaris. Galemys. (OA)

Alberdi A, Aizpurua O, Bohmann K, Zepeda-Mendoza ML, Gilbert MTP (in press). Do vertebrate gut metagenomes confer rapid ecological adapataion? Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Alfaro-Núñez A, Bojesen AM, Bertelsen MF, Wales N, Balazs GH, and Gilbert MTP. Further evidence of Chelonid herpesvirus 5 (ChHV5) latency: high levels of ChHV5 DNA detected in clinically healthy marine turtles. PeerJ 4:e2274, 2016.

Almeida D, Maldonado E, Khan I, Silva L, Gilbert MTP, Zhang G, Jarvis ED, O’Brien S, Johnson W, Antunes A (in press). Whole genome identification, phylogeny and evolution of the cytochrome P450 family 2 (CYP2) sub-families in birds. Genome Biology and Evolution

Bangsgaard P, Yeomans L. Zooarchaeological perspectives on rural economy and landscape use in the 18th century Qatar. In: S McPhillips and P. Woodsworth (eds.), The Materiality of the Rural Islamic World: archaeological and historical approaches. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, chapter 5. 2016. (CO)

Bangsgaard P. Fauna through the Ages, a view from the Aitolian Heartland. In: S. Dietz and L. Kolonas (eds.):Chalkis Aitolias III, The Emporion. Fortification systems at Aghia Triada and the Late Classical and Hellenistic habitation in area III. The fortifications at Pangali, Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens, vol. 7.3, Århus: Århus University Press, pp. 239-252. 2016.

Barnes CJ. Unexpectedly high beta-diversity of root-associated fungal communities in the Bolivian Andes. Frontiers in Microbiology. (2016). doi:10.3389/fmicb.2016.01377

Barnes CJ, van der Gast CJ, Burns CA, McNamara NP & Bending GD. Temporally variable geographical distance effects contribute to the assembly of root-associated fungal communities. Frontiers in Microbiology 195 (2016), doi:10.3389/fmicb.2016.00195

Barnett R, Zepeda Mendoza ML, Soares AER, Ho SYW, Zazula G, Yamaguchi N, Shapiro B, Kirillova IV, Larson G, Gilbert MTP (in press). Mitogenomics of the extinct cave lion, Pathera spelaea (Goldfuss, 1810) resolve its position within the Pathera cats. Open Quaternary

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Crawford JE, Riehle MM, Markianos K, Bischoff E, Guelbeogo WM, Gneme A, Sagnon N'F, Vernick KD, Nielsen R, Lazzaro BP. Evolution of GOUNDRY, a cryptic subgroup of Anopheles gambiae sl, and its impact on susceptibility to Plasmodium infection. Molecular ecology, 2016. doi: 10.1111/mec.13572. (OA)

Cruz-Dávalos DI, Llamas B, Gaunitz C, Fages A, Gamba C, Soubrier J, Librado P, Seguin-Orlando A, Pruvost M, Alfarhan AH, Alquraishi SA, Al-Rasheid KA, Scheu A, Beneke N, Ludwig A, Cooper A, Willerslev E, Orlando L. Experimental conditions improving in-solution target enrichment for ancient DNA. Mol Ecol Resour. 2016 Aug 27.

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Horwitz LK, Chazan M, Kröger R, Thomas-Oates J, Harding JH, Cappellini E, Penkman K,
& Collins MJ. Protein sequences bound to mineral surfaces persist into deep time. eLife 2016;5:e17092 (published 27. September 2016).

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Fietz K, Galatius A, Teilmann J, Dietz R, Frie AK, Klimova A, Palsbøll PJ, Jensen LF, Graves J, Hoffman JI & Olsen MT. Shift of grey seal subspecies boundaries in response to climate, culling and conservation. Molecular Ecology, vol 25, nr. 17, s. 4097–4112. 2016. DOI: 10.1111/mec.13748.

Finch BW, Hunter ND, Winkelmann I, Manzano-Vargas K, Njoroge P, Fjeldå J, Gilbert MTP (2016). Redefining the taxonomy of the all-black and pied boubous (Lanarius spp.) in coastal Kenya and Somalia. Bull B.O.C 136:74-85

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