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04 February 2016

The Anthropocene – Age of Mankind

The Anthropocene is rapidly gaining ground as our new worldview and concept for the state of our planet, where humans are the driving force of changes in the functioning of the Earth system.

The idea was devised in 2000, when Noble Prize winner Paul Crutzen stated that Earth was entering a new geological epoch, arguing that the Anthropocene should be added as the latest epoch on the Geological Time Scale.

Since then, the concept of the Anthropocene has spread widely into the humanities and social sciences as well as natural sciences. Here, we want to present the background and some viewpoints in the debate that is presently unfolding world-wide.

A public event presented by the Geological Society of Denmark and the Natural History Museum of Denmark.


February 10th, 17:00-18:30


Auditorium, Geological Museum, Øster Voldgade 5-7, Copenhagen


17:00-17:15. Introduction – Kurt H. Kjær, Natural History Museum

17:15-17:45. Katherine Richardson, Natural History Museum

Title: Planetary Boundaries in the Anthropocene

17:45-18:15. Philip L. Gibbard, University of Cambridge

Title: The Anthropocene: a formal stratigraphical unit, an informal concept, or an interval of Holocene time?

18:15. Discussions