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24 November 2014

European Commission honours CGG's Maanasa Raghavan

Maanasa RaghavanCommunicating science in a fun and attractive way, mentoring the next generation, and publishing in high impact journals are three important accomplishments in the life of a researcher.

On 18. November the European Commission recognised three brilliant researchers supported by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) for their achievements in such activities.

The "Promising Research Talent" prize was awarded to Dr Maanasa Raghavan, a researcher in paleogenomics. This prize distinguishes researchers who have obtained excellent results during their ITN doctoral training, and have demonstrated the potential to become a research leader.

Maanasa gained recognition in her field when she deciphered the genome sequence of a 24,000-year-old modern human and was published in the prestigious scientific journals Nature and Science. Upon choosing the winner, Prof Maya Schuldiner, Jury member, European Research Council (ERC) grantee and former MSCA alumnus said: "Maanasa is clearly a leader in her field and well poised to become a fantastic independent scientist in the near future".