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04 November 2013

Making use of the 1 %

Tuft of hair from the Danish Bronze Age woman the 'Egtvedpigen'.Extracting DNA from samples which have been preserved in e.g. permafrost is usually no big feat. Have the samples been lying in warmer environments it may be a different matter.

A team of scientists led by the Bustamante Group at Stanford and with participation of researchers from the Centre for GeoGenetics has now come up with a new method which not only makes it possible to use the small percentage of DNA left in human hair or teeth but also at a fraction of the usual price tag.


Carpenter ML, Buenrostro JD, Valdiosera C, Schroeder H, Allentoft ME, Sikora M, Rasmussen M, Gravel S, Guillén S, Nekhrizov G, Leshtakov K, Dimitrova D, Theodossiev N, Pettener D,
Luiselli D, Sandoval K, Moreno-Estrada A, Li Y, Wang J, Gilbert MTP, Willerslev E, Greenleaf WJ. Pulling out the 1 %: Whole-Genome Capture for the Targeted Enrichment of Ancient DNA Sequencing Libraries. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 25. October 2013.

Above photo: Tuft of hair from the Danish Bronze Age woman the 'Egtvedpigen'. (Photo: Uffe Wilken).