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29 December 2011

GeoGenetics is part of journal Science's "Breakthrough of the year, 2011".

Following a yearly tradition, Science's editors and news staff have selected one scientific Breakthrough of the Year and nine runners-up. With the mapping of the Aboriginal genome from a tuft of hair in September 2011 the researchers at the Centre for GeoGenetics are included as a runner-up in the category "Ancient interbreeding".

Science writes in the 23. December 2011 issue:

"The new wave of studies started in May 2010, when the Neandertal genome suggested that Europeans and Asians have inherited 2% to 6% of their nuclear DNA from Neandertals. Then at the tail end of December 2010, researchers published the whole genome of a new kind of archaic human from Denisova Cave in Siberia. Follow-up studies found that a patchwork quilt of people living in Southeast Asia have inherited about 5% of their DNA from the Denisovans, as well as 4% to 6% from Neandertals. Two teams found Denisovan DNA in Australian Aboriginals. One study found it in Negritos in the Philippines and on some islands of Southeast Asia, as well as in Melanesians."

Read the news feature from September 2011: Aboriginals get new history.