Laboratories – University of Copenhagen


Dedicated ancient DNA laboratories

These facilities were opened in 2012. They were built to comply with or surpass the stringent requirements for working with ancient DNA. The labs are separated into several smaller rooms to facilitate cleaning and to allow several people to work at once.

There is a strict isolation of all work related to human DNA. In this area, two extraction rooms with laminar airflow benches and two small PCR setup rooms form the core.

Separate from these a similar setup exists for working with non-human material, mainly other mammals, soil and ice.

Each of these labs has an anteroom to get into the full body suits and other protective clothing required. A positive air-pressure gradient is applied with the highest pressure in the extraction rooms.

Post-PCR/Modern DNA laboratories

The section hosts a suite of laboratories in which modern DNA can be extracted, and where DNA can be analysed post-PCR. The laboratories contain standard molecular biology equipment.

National High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Centre

Section for Geogenetics hosts this national core facility. Read about facilities and get contact info.