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The Denmark and Greenland Collections

The Late Pleistocene (last interglacial-glacial cycle) collection from Denmark and Greenland consists of mammalian bone remains found redeposited in glacial sediments. The largest and most important fossil assemblage is, however, the Late Weichselian and Holocene bones of mammals, birds, fish and a few reptiles and amphibians. These vertebrate bones are found in situ in geological as well as archaeological context.

Bones from archaeological sites

The zooarchaeological material represents an almost complete record of all bone materials excavated on archaeological sites in Denmark and Greenland. It is chronologically distributed from Late Palaeolithic to Historical Time and from Palaeoeskimo to the Norse Cultures.

The section has built up its own comparative collection of recent vertebrates especially prepared for the identification of zooarchaeological bone materials. This can of course be supplemented with the proper collections of modern vertebrates already curated at the museum.

Contact curator Professor Kurt H. Kjær

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