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People at the Centre for GeoGenetics include a wide range of nationalities from all over the world. At any time we are more than 100 full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, postdocs, PhD-students, MSc-students, admin-people, lab-technicians, longer-term interns and visiting scientists.

Associated staff

Dr. Fabrice Demeter (associated researcher, palaeoanthropology)

Latest update


NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Allentoft, Morten ErikAssistant professor  +45 353-21291E-mail
Asplund, MariaResearch assistant  +45 353-36526E-mail
Bangsgaard, PernilleAcademic employee  +45 353-37273E-mail
Barnes, Christopher JamesPostdoc Postdoc. at GeoGenetics +45 353-37867E-mail
Bjørk, Anders AnkerPostdoc Postdoc  E-mail
Bohmann, KristinePostdoc Postdoc at EvoGenomics +45 40 75 05 21E-mail
Botnen, Amanda BoltPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-33306E-mail
Brand, Tina BlumensaadtLaboratory technician  +45 23 82 80 90E-mail
Cappellini, EnricoAssociate professor, EvoGenomics Associate Professor at EvoGenomics +45 353-21338E-mail
Damgaard, Peter de BarrosPhD student PhD student at GeoGenetics +45 353-34435E-mail
de la Fuente Castro, ConstanzaPhD student PhD student at GeoGenetics +45 353-34057E-mail
Eriksen, Anne Marie HøierPhD student PhD student at Tom Gilbert  E-mail
Fages, Antoine AlphonsePhD student PhD student at Centre for GeoGenetics +45 50 30 39 40E-mail
Featherston, David WraySenior adviser Special consultant v. GeoGenetics  E-mail
Fietz, KatharinaPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-31180E-mail
Fotakis, Anna KaterinaPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-30653E-mail
Frøslev, Tobias GuldbergAssistant professor  +45 353-34873E-mail
Funder, Svend VisbyEmeritus  +45 353-22363E-mail
Garrett Vieira, Filipe JorgePostdoc Postdoc at EvoGenomics +45 353-34099E-mail
Gaunitz, CharleenPhD student PhD student ast GeoGenetics +45 353-34017E-mail
Gilbert, TomProfessor Professor at EvoGenomics +45 23 71 25 19E-mail
Gregersen, Kristian MurphyPreservation specialist Conservator at "Centre for Geogenetics" og "The Quaternary Zoology Collections" +45 353-21089E-mail
Hansen, Anders JohannesAssociate professor  +45 287-56134E-mail
Hansen, Kasper LykkePhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-21075E-mail
Houmark-Nielsen, MichaelAssociate professor emeritus Ice ages, interglacial periods, Denmark's ice age landscape, glacier brook chronology, climate and environment of the ice ages. +45 353-24344E-mail
Ilardo, Melissa AnnPhD student PhD student at GeoGenentics +45 353-31373E-mail
Ilsøe, Peter Carsten   E-mail
Khan, NaveedPhD student PhD student at Centre for GeoGenetics  E-mail
Kjær, Kurt H.Professor Professor, +45 353-22374E-mail
Limborg, Morten TønsbergAssistant professor Assistant Professor at EvoGenpmics +45 353-37936E-mail
Lundstrøm, Inge Kristine ConradPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-31658E-mail
Magnussen, Betina IngaAcademic administrative staff, zoologist Academic employee at the MetroRing +45 28 94 77 28E-mail
Meldgaard, MortenProfessor Professor in Arctic Environmental History +45 353-22978E-mail
Mollerup, SarahAssistant professor   
Moreno Mayar, José VictorPostdoc Postdoc at GeoGenetics +45 353-37807E-mail
Nielsen, MartinPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 26 80 98 47E-mail
Nielsen, RasmusProfessor  tE-mail
Olsen, Pernille Vibeke SelmerHead bioanalyst Centre for GeoGenetics +45 23 82 80 91E-mail
Orlando, Ludovic Antoine AlexandreProfessor Professor at Centre for GeoGenetics +45 353-21231E-mail
Pedersen, Cecilie ToudalSenior advisor Section Administrator at EvoGenomics +45 353-21308E-mail
Petersen, JesperPhD student PhD student at GeoGenetics +45 353-37919E-mail
Pietroni, CarlottaPhD student PhD student at Centre for GeoGenetics +45 353-34841E-mail
Puetz, Lara ChristinePhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics  E-mail
Ramsøe, Max Emil ErmterStudent Studerende ved Center for GeoGenetik +51680454E-mail
Renaud, GabrielPostdoc Postdoc at GeoGenetics +45 353-33871E-mail
Rey de la Iglesia, AlbaPhD student PhD student at GeoGenetics +45 353-34175E-mail
Richter, Stine RaithResearch assistant Research assistant at EvoGenomics  E-mail
Ristow, Peter GustavPhD fellow   
Rouillard, AlexandraPostdoc Postdoc, GeoGenetics +45 353-33486E-mail
Ruter, Anthony HenryPostdoc Postdoc at GeoGenetics +45 353-33930E-mail
Sandoval Velasco, MarcelaPostdoc Postdoc v/EvoGenomics +45 353-21138E-mail
Santini, RuiPhD student PhD student at GeoGentics  E-mail
Sanz, Pablo LibradoPostdoc Postdoc at GeoGenetics +45 353-31345E-mail
Schnell, Ida BærholmPhD student Ph. d. student at EvoGenomics  E-mail
Schroeder, HannesAssistant professor Assistant Professor at EvoGenomics +45 42 52 36 14E-mail
Siggaard-Andersen, Marie-LouiseAcademic Staff  +45 353-33697E-mail
Sigsgaard, Eva EgelyngPhD student PhD student at Evogenomics +45 353-34814E-mail
Sikora, MartinAssociate professor Associate professor at GeoGenetics  E-mail
Sinding, Mikkel Holger StranderPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 29 66 83 55E-mail
Stenderup, JesperAcademic employee Laboratory manager +45 353-21389E-mail
Sørensen, Martin VintherAssociate professor, curator Microscopic invertebrates. Curator of Kinorhyncha, Priapulida, Loricifera, Nematoda, Porifera and Cnidaria +45 353-21081E-mail
Thomsen, Philip FrancisAssistant professor Assistant Professor GeoGenetik +45 353-21374E-mail
Ulrich, Isebelle NastasiaSecretary Secretary at GeoGenetics +45 353-36444E-mail
Vinner, LasseAssistant professor, Geogenetics Assistant Professor at GeoGenetics +45 353-21330E-mail
Weber, Xénia AlessandraPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 50 24 62 21E-mail
Willerslev, EskeProfessor Professor GeoGenetics +45 353-21309E-mail