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Publications 2012

Abel Nielsen SC, Mourier T, Baandrup U, Mangart Søland T, Bertelsen MF, Gilbert MTP, Nielsen LP. Probable Transmission of Coxsackie B3 Virus from Human to Chimpanzee, Denmark. Emerging Infectious Diseases, Volume 18, Number 7 - July 2012

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Andersen K, Bird KL, Rasmussen M, Haile J, Breuning-Madsen H, Kjær KH, Orlando L, Gilbert MTP, Willerslev E. Meta-barcoding of ‘dirt' DNA from soil reflects vertebrate biodiversity. Mol. Ecol. 21:1966-1979, (2012)

Andresen CS, Straneo F, Ribergaard MH, Bjørk AA, Andersen TJ, Kuijpers A, Nørgaard-Petersen N, Kjær KH, Schjøt F, Weckström K, Ahlstrøm AP. Rapid response of Helheim Glacier in Greenland to climate variability over the past century. Nature Geoscience, vol. 5, pp. 37-41, (2012)

Beck S, Kuningas S, Esteban-Pavo R, Foote AD. The influence of ecology on sociality in the killer whale (Orcinus orca). Behavioral Ecology, 23: 246-253, (2012)

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Biagini P, Thèves C, Balaresque P, Géraut A, Cannet C, Keyser C, Nikolaeva D, Gérard P, Duchesne S, Orlando L, Willerslev E, Alekseev AN, de Micco P, Ludes B, Crubézy E. Variola virus in a 300-year-old Siberian mummy. N. Engl. J. Med. 2012 Nov 22;367(21):2057-9. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc1208124

Bjørk AA. Arkivfotos udvider klimaforskernes horisont. Tidsskriftet Grønland, 03/2012, pp. 174-180

Bjørk AA, Kjær KH, Korsgaard NJ, Khan SA, Kjeldsen KK, Andresen CS, Box JE, Larsen NK, Funder S. An aerial view of 80 years of climate-related glacier fluctuations in Southeast Greenland. Nature Geoscience, June 2012 Vol 5 No 6- DOI: 10.1038/NGEO1481 (PR)(CO)

Boessenkool S, Epp LS, Haile J. Bellemain E, Edwards M, Coissac E, Willerslev E, Brochmann C. Blocking human contaminant DNA during PCR allows amplification of rare mammal species in sedimentary ancient DNA. Mol. Ecol. 21, 1806–1815, (2012)

Bray SCE, Austin JJ, Metcalf JL, Østbye K, Østbye E, Lauritzen S-E, Aaris-Sørensen K, Valdiosera C, Adler CJ, Cooper A. Ancient DNA identifies post-glacial recolonisation, not recent bottlenecks, as the primary driver of contemporary mtDNA phylogeography and diversity in Scandinavian brown bears. Diversity and Distributions 2012:1-12

Brüniche-Olsen A, Gravlund P, Lorenzen ED. Impact of genetic drift and restricted gene flow in indigenous cattle breeds: evidence from the Jutland breed. Animal Genetic Resources/Ressources génétiques animales/Recursos genéticos animales, 50, pp.75–85, June 2012Til toppen

Campos PF, Craig OE, Turner-Walker G, Peacock E, Willerslev E, Gilbert MTP. DNA in ancient bone – where is it located and how should we extract it? Ann. Anat. 194: 7-16, (2012)

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Cappellini E, Jensen L, Szklarczyk D, Ginolhac A, da Fonseca R, Stafford T, Holven S, Collins M, Orlando L, Willerslev E, Gilbert MTP, Olsen JV. Proteomic analysis of a Pleistocene mammoth femur reveals more than one hundred ancient bone proteins. J. Proteome Res. 11: 917-926, (2012)

Crone SG, Jacobsen A, Federspiel B, Bardram L, Krogh A, Lund AH, Friis- Hansen L. microRNA-146a inhibits G protein-coupled receptor-mediated activation of NF-kappaB by targeting CARD10 and COPS8 in gastric cancer. Mol. cancer, 11(1):71, Sep 2012

Dalén L, Orlando L, Shapiro B, Brandström Durling M, Quam R, Gilbert MTP, Fernández-Lomana JCD, Willerslev E, Arsuaga JL, Götherström A. Partial genetic turnover in neandertals: continuity in the east and population replacement in the west. Mol. Biol. Evol. 29:1893-1897, (2012)

Duchene S, Frey A, Alfaro-Núñez A, Dutton PH, Gilbert MTP, Morin PA. Marine turtle mitogenome phylogenetics and evolution. Mol. Phyl. Evol. Volume 65, Issue 1, October 2012, Pages 241-250

Epp LS, Boessenkool S, Bellemain EP, Haile J, Esposito A, Riaz T, Erséus C, Gusarov VI, Edwards ME, Johnsen A, Stenøien HK, Hassel K, Kauserud H, Yoccoz NG, Bråthen KA, Willerslev E, Taberlet P, Coissac E, Brochmann C. New environmental metabarcodes for analysing soil DNA: potential for studying past and present ecosystems. Mol. Ecol. Volume 21, Issue 8, April 2012, Pages: 1821–1833, Article first published online : 10 Apr 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2012.05537.x

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Foote AD, Thomsen PF, Sveegaard S, Wahlberg M, Kielgast J, Kyhn LA, Salling AB, Galatius A, Orlando L, Gilbert MTP. Investigating the Potential Use of Environmental DNA (eDNA) for Genetic Monitoring of Marine Mammals. PLoS ONE, 2012 vol:7 hft.:8 s.:e41781

Foote AD, Vester H, Vikingsson GA, Newton J. Dietary variation within and between populations of northeast Atlantic killer whales Orcinus orca inferred from d13C and d15N analyses. Marine Mammal Science, Volume 28, Issue 4, pages E472–E485, October 2012

Ginolhac A, Vilstrup J, Stenderup J, Rasmussen M, Stiller M, Shapiro B, Zazula G, Froese D, Steinmann KE, Thompson JF, Al-Rasheid KA, Gilbert TM, Willerslev E, Orlando L. Improving the performance of True Single Molecule Sequencing for ancient DNA. BMC Genomics. 2012 May 10;13(1):177

Gotfredsen AB. Book review: Prummel, W., Zeiler, J.T., & Brinkhuizen, D.C. (eds.) 2010. Birds in Archaeology. Proceedings of the 6th Meeting of the ICAZ Bird Working Group in Groningen (23.8 - 27.8 2008). Groningen Archaeological Studies. Volume 12. Barkhuis. Groningen, 284 p., ISBN 978-90-77922-77-4, price: 50 EURO. Praehistorische Zeitschrift 87 (1): 216-221. De Gruyter. Berlin. DOI 10.1515/pz-2012-2013. (2012)

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Jacobsen MW, Hansen MM, Orlando L, Bekkevold D, Willerslev E, Bernatchez L, Gilbert MTP. Mitogenome sequencing reveals shallow evolutionary histories and recent divergence time between morphologically and ecologically distinct European whitefish (Coregonus spp.). Mol. Ecol. 21:2727-2742, (2012)

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Jones EP, Skirnisson K, McGovern TH, Gilbert MTP, Willerslev E, Searle JB. Fellow travellers: a concordance of colonization patterns between mice and men in the North Atlantic region. BMC Evol. Biol. 12, 35. (2012)

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Jørgensen T, Kjær K, Haile J, Rasmussen M, Boessenkool S, Andersen K, Coissac E, Taberlet P, Brochmann C, Orlando L, Gilbert MTP, Willerslev E. Islands in the Ice: detecting past vegetation on Greenlandic Nunataks using historical records and sedimentary ancient DNA meta-barcoding. Mol. Ecol. 21:1980-1988, (2012)

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